About Reach.

Sports science consultancy and training studio

Our journey is one of discovering, understand and implementing optimal approaches to functional movement and developing goal focused programmes to optimise and guide clients to effetively and efficiently achieve their potentials. Our team of sports scientists and biokineticist are focused on staying current and applying scientific training techniques


Personal Training.

Effective training methods to achieve your potential.
Schedule an appointment if you are up for a challenging  journey towards feeling, moving and looking your optimal

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Other Services

  • Sports specific training and programming
  • Leading edge  training for getting conditioned and lean
  • Golf performance
  •  Young athlete training
  • Exercise for injury rehabilitation
  • Myofascial manipulation
  • Discovery health assessments

What is a Sports Scientist?

Sports science is discipline that studies how the healthy human body works during exercise, and how sport and physical activity promote health and performance from cellular to whole body perspectives. At Reach, we aim to bring the leading edge of sports science to our clients whether it be for competitive sports performance at any level, or to lose weight and get in shape. Do it scientifically, safely and effectively.

What is a biokineticist?

A biokineticist is a medically recognised profession, they aid individuals in their physical status while improving overall quality of life. They function in a dual context of clinical pathology (acute & chronic) and help the human body achieve peak performance, no matter the starting point.

Personal trainers.

Anthony Berzack

Anthony Berzack

Masters Sports Sc

Nick Da Silva

Nick Da Silva



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