Anthony Berzack.

Anthony Berzack is a Sports Scientist with a passion for living and sharing optimal experiences in movement and sports performance through being immersed in states of “flow” (when we are completely absorbed in challenging and enjoyable tasks that require all of our attention). This euphoric state in which we escape day-to-day concerns and stresses can shift perception fo time, give a sense of being completely in control and open the door to forming new blueprints of performance levels just beyond what we previously thought we were capable of.


Anthony has studied and has partaken in an array of sports and movement forms such as pilates and gyrokinesis, which he brings into his practice of developing and sharing approaches towards optimal performance. Whilst competing on the world pro kitesurfing tour in 2001 he had a freak accident in which he fractured his neck and underwent spinal fusion surgery. During a 5 month recovery period spent at home in a neck brace he gathered inspiration to return to varsity and complete honours and masters degrees in sports science. He has continued to refine and optimise his knowledge of this vast realm, always in awe of how much there is to learn. Last year he attended “IDEA” Fitness convention n Las Vegas where a seed was planted to return to SA and establish “REACH” Sports Science Consultancy in Blouberg, where he is currently established and continues to learn and teach.

Anthony Berzack

Masters Sports Sc

Services :

Personal training (functional and scientific)

Grounded in a philosophy of setting goals and taking on challenges. Anthony has an approach of putting extensive time and energy into crafting bespoke programmes for optimum performance in sport and life and to get clients functionally strong to move and perform optimally.  Addressing mobility and stability issues as well as correcting postural and alignment compensations. 

Pilates and Gyrokinesis 

Gyrokinesis is a movement method that gently works the entire body, to address mobility, stability and postural corrections. It was developed to optimise movement patterns and prevent injuries in prima ballerinas using a combination of pilates, tai chi and yoga.

Myofascial manipulation

Myofascial manipulation, myofascial release and sports massage to treat injury and pain due to adhesions that restrict nerves in fascial tissue that cause pain and movement restrictions.

About Anthony

Anthony has been involved in a vast array of sports and movement activities. His first experience in strength training for sports was after he began to play Rugby at age 14. He began an offseason strength training programme which led to playing for Bishops 1st XV two seasons later. Anthony was a professional kite surfer – while on the world tour, he had a freak accident resulting in a neck fracture and a spinal fusion operation. 4 Months in a brace recovering led to a major life shift and had begun studies in Pilates for rehabilitation, and returned to varsity to complete honours and Masters in sports science. The direction of his Masters research was in optimal performance achieved through becoming completely immersed in challenging experiences.h

Anthony Berzack sports science services

Anthony Berzack sports science and personal training services might be for you if you’re interesting in:

  • Sports performance training
  • Functional strength
  • Gyrokinesis, Pilates and myofascial work to address mobility, stability and postural issues


Amanda Rootman

Myofacial release practitioner: Anthony Berzack. To say that Ant knows how the body moves is a gross understatement. If given the chance this man will analyse and find your movement problem, release the tension along the affected movement paths and get precious mobility back within a session! Thereafter he’ll equip you with corrective measures to help yourself get those movement paths firing efficiently so as to prevent further issues in future... He is also the most thorough strength and conditioning trainer I have come across, if you have a goal and some drive, he will get you where you want to be. Guaranteed.

Natalie Westman

On the recommendation of a friend I started training with Anthony Berzack. Over the past year he has assisted me on my journey to increased health and fitness – so far I have lost more than 30kg, gained muscle and core strength and most importantly learnt to actually enjoy exercise. I underwent a DNA Analysis under his watchful eye and with the extremely comprehensive results received, Anthony was able to structure a training and nutritional package that best suits my unique body type. Anthony is professional, extremely knowledgeable and keeps up-to-date with the latest training and nutritional developments. The training is very diversified and by incorporating a vast range of exercises he ensures that each session is different and exciting. Anthony always ensures that your technique is correct to avoid injuries and is able to adapt exercises to alleviate discomfort, thereby enabling you to perform to the best of your ability. Anthony truly is the all-round package and I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Stacey Clifton

I’ve gained so much from my working with Anthony. I broke my neck and was left with some paralysis/weakness on the right side of my body. Not to mention the pain and spasms. I came to training with Anthony in the hope that I could gain some mobility and strength. My injury being 10 years old I was told I’d reached my maximum medical improvement and that my right hand would be a “gross aid”. Well, I look back and smile 🙂 it’s been a most amazing journey of hard work and a few tears. His cool, calm approach is reassuring. A keen eye, with attention to detail and a warm smile, I am reassured that I’m in a safe space where I can explore and push myself to new heights. My spasms have reduced dramatically, pain and stiffness have eased up and the movement I have gained is phenomenal! Ant really put time into exploring and understanding my unique injuries, he really honed in on things I didn’t even realize were an issue, his holistic approach has seen me grow in leaps and bounds. With major improvements in every aspect of my body, mind and spirit. I’m excited for my future progress and am so grateful to have found you!

Greg Thijsse

Training with Anthony can truly change your life. It takes the guesswork out of effective training for what you want to achieve. It lead to a rapid change in my energy levels, reduction in body fat and physical health. Truly a must for anyone serious in reaching their true capabilities