Nick Da Silva.

I train all of my clients with the goal in mind to enhance physical capacity through exercise. No matter what level of physical state your in we all need to move often and move well. This goes for everyone!

So how do you know if you are moving or exercising correctly? Well you could go to the gym and try and see what everyone else is doing or research stuff online as well as join a group class or martial arts. However if you want to know what your specific strengths and weakness are as far as your movement patterns and posture are concerned then Biokinetics is something that can really enhance your life. Learning how to move properly and exercise effectively & efficiently to become faster, stronger, healthier with more confident can be an amazingly empowering experience. At my practice I offer a goal oriented approach to getting people out of pain, overcoming injuries and maximising performance through evidence based exercises and 10 years experience.

Nick Da Silva



George Sparg

I started training with Nick to get my fitness up and to improve my performance in my sports. Over the 2 years of training with Nick we have done that and so much more. With his training I've improved so many parts of my life, from small things like posture to putting more focus and intensity into what I do. He has also shown me how to train creatively and efficiently. He has also shown me how to live a proper healthy lifestyle and has changed my view on fitness. I also loved all the enthiuasm and passion he puts into all my training and his enthiuasm for getting me healthier at home. Thank you Nick.

Kamin Taute

Always an honor to assist those who are looking to become the stronger versions of themselves. Kamin is a great example of how to make a shift in the right direction. Here's what she had to say about our time training together: "I've been struggling with lower back, knee and right hip flexor issues. I used to get pins and needles down my right arm and even loses sensation in my right leg and foot. My neck used to be sore frequently from riding and I really battled on the bike. I can testify to the amazing difference of training with Nick and I have never felt stronger on the bike thanks to these sessions.

Kyle Saddington

I am a jiu jitsu instructor/competitor and I was looking for a training routine that would suit my needs. Knowing that one of my students is a biokineticist I decided to ask him for some advice. Our first session consisted of a consultation and movement screen to assess where I was at and how to go about getting my body fitter, stronger and conditioned for the many locks that one experiences in my sport. The catch was I had under a month to do it and prepare for a tournament. This meant it needed to be hard, accurate and with absolutely no injuries whatsoever. Nick soon came back to me with a personalized training/conditioning program dedicated to what I asked for. To sum it up I got stronger, fitter and looked better from this program within a month than I did over the many months of my casual, routine gym training. The day of the tournament came and I felt the best I’ve ever felt, did great and hardly broke a sweat. Thanks for the help Nick.